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I began my career as a voiceover talent agent in Chicago and Atlanta and decided to become talent myself. 

I have been on the radio many times over the years in Atlanta, Detroit, Chicago and Nashville. 

I have studied under Nancy Wolfson, Paul Armbruster, Bob Carter, and Joe Loesch.

My Vocal Styles are Friendly, Sensual, Soft- Sell,  Announcer, Young Adult, Middle-Aged Adult, Real Person, Guy Next Door...

I have a Home Recording Studio and can submit custom auditions within a few hours  and do quick turn around times for most projects. 

I currently produce an EDM Radio show on Radio Free Nashville called The Majick Show that plays every Friday from 5-7 PM Central.

I also Produce a Television Show called Recovery Matters on topics dealing with recovery from Substance Use, Mental Health, and Behavioral Health Disorders on Nashville Education, Community and Arts Television. (NECAT).

I love being creative and working on different creative projects. I look forward to joining your team and lending my voice to your project in whatever way you see fit.